Friday, December 21, 2012

Some Tips For Curved Shower Curtain Rods Installation Instructions

Many people think that curved shower curtain rods installation procedure is a very complicated task.
Curved Shower Curtain Tension Rod Design
A curved shower curtain rod, also called a crescent shower curtain rod, makes the bathroom's shower space feel larger. There are many people who have a misconception that carrying out a curved shower curtain rod installation procedure is a very unmanageable task. However, knowing the installation procedure correctly, and choosing the appropriate shower curtain rod, would certainly enable you to do the job. Setting up new curved shower curtain rods can be an essential part of bathroom remodeling.

Given below are curved shower curtain rods installation instructions.

36 Inch Curved Shower Curtain Rod Gallery
When it comes to curved shower curtain rods installation, the first thing you need to do is to make sufficient space adjustments for the new rod to be set in. Remove the old rod that is to be replaced, and clear the space adequately, so that you will not trip over anything. The basic things that you need in carrying out this procedure are the crescent shower curtain rod itself, a screwdriver, and a pencil.
Curved Shower Curtain Rod Design
Set up the crescent shower curtain rod together, referring to the instructions which came along with it. Place it up on the wall, and determine precisely where you think its position should be, with relation to the height and depth. The bracket would be required to be positioned at least three inches farther in as compared to the set up of the old rod which you removed. The shower curtain rod guidelines would suggest two alternatives depending on whether you have an oval tub or a conventional one.
Double Curved Shower Curtain Rod Ideas
You would then need to position the brackets on the wall, and mark around the outside edge using a pencil. The next step is hammering a nail into the wall where the screws are supposed to be put. The curtain shower curtain rods set would have screws if mounting on a stud, or drywall anchors if mounting solely on a drywall.

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