Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Best Options and Design Ideas for Stationary Kitchen Islands with Breakfast Bars

Stationary kitchen islands are still a hit while portable islands are launched in the market.
Built in Kitchen Island with Breakfast Bar Design
Kitchen islands that rightly compliments kitchen decor is the most eye-catching element of a cooking space. With a perfectly designed kitchen island you have a well-organized workspace, apart from the area that kitchen countertop provides. Today these have become an important part of the kitchen furniture and you will find that the latest pieces in this category are designed to provide much more than a simple workspace and storage area. Stationary kitchen islands with breakfast bar are amongst the latest designs which you can consider adding to your kitchen.

Let us find out are the best options and design ideas for stationary kitchen islands with breakfast bar.

Mixed materials kitchen island with breakfast bar ideas
Kitchen islands help you have clutter-free kitchen, as it accommodates most of the frequently used kitchen tools and accessories. While you plan to buy a kitchen island, there are plenty of options in terms of designs. Though a kitchen island with breakfast bar is amongst the best pick, there are a few things that you must consider before buying these. Stationary kitchen islands with breakfast bar and stools can be great addition if your house lacks a separate dining area. This can offer a small alternative to a dining room, especially in smaller homes which have larger kitchen space.
Stationary Kitchen Island With Breakfast Bar Models
Right from the materials till the design, you have an array of options to choose from. The countertop of this breakfast bar can be matched with your kitchen and serving table countertop. Stainless steel countertops are becoming quite poplar for this design of kitchen islands. Apart from stainless steel and popular granite, cost-effective vinyl countertops are also a good option. You can choose to have a wooden island with natural finish. This is a great idea, if you have a rustic styled kitchen.
Stationary White Cabinets Kitchen Island With Breakfast Bar Design
Adding drawer’s right below the countertop will be helpful. You will be using this as a breakfast bar which means having space below this for resting your feet and seating comfortably is essential. You can choose to have the tabletop extended much outwards, if central base consists of closed cabinets. You can grab the stationary kitchen islands with breakfast bar and stools which offer a comfortable and compact seating arrangement for using this island as a dining table.

Stationary kitchen islands definitely add a classic style element to your cooking space. And you are sure to love the latest designs in these which offer multi-functional units that not only beautify your kitchen but also give it a well-organized and modish touch. So what are you waiting for? If kitchen islands are in your 'to-purchase' list, do check those with breakfast bar!

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