Sunday, January 20, 2013

Best Tips to Cleaning the Bathroom with None Chemical Cleaners

From time to time, you may have problem to cleaning the bathroom cleaning that you think requires a strong abrasive cleaner.
Cleaning small bathroom models
For cleaning bathroom, you can use a harsh cleaner or an abrasive cleaner and risk the chance of ruining the finish especially if your tub and shower are acrylic. Instead, use a soft cloth and some dish soap. Sometimes you have a stubborn film that may require some ammonia, which is safe for acrylic bathrooms. Another unique way cleaning the bathroom to remove soap scum build up and prevent future problems is with a fabric softener sheet. You can make the sheet damp and remove soap scum after a shower or bath. This works on shower doors and tiles.

Given below are other unique ways to cleaning the bathroom.

Cleaning bathroom cabinet picture
To clean your chrome fixtures just use vinegar. Place a small amount of vinegar on a damp cloth and wipe down all the chrome fixtures. If you have brass fixtures, apply a flour, salt and vinegar paste to the fixture and wipe off with a dry cloth. This will prevent you from using any harsh cleaners that leave behind a dull looking film. If you have dirty mirror from hair care products use rubbing alcohol and a coffee filter to clean the mirror and remove the sticky build up. The coffee filter provides a lint free mirror.
Cleaning toilet bathroom gallery
You will want to sanitize when cleaning the bathroom, but if you do not want to use the harsh cleaners, you might consider using baby wipes. They are great for wiping toilet seats, sink counters and door handles. You can use these wipes for the entire bathroom. They are made for a baby's bottom, but can be used to wipe down the bathroom with ease.
cleaning mirror bathroom gallery
Cleaning the bathroom does not have be a chore, when you use some none chemical cleaners. You will find that using things you have in the kitchen will not only to cleaning the bathroom, but it is safer for you to breath and it helps freshen the air around you.

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