Sunday, January 27, 2013

Various Materials that You Can Use for Building Bedroom Ceilings

Make excellent bedroom ceilings design with POP, wood or wallpapers

ceiling bedroom design ideas
The most common material used for bedroom ceiling design is Plaster of Paris (POP). The flexibility and versatility POP lends to the bedroom ceilings is remarkable. There are numerous ways in which you can use POP for your bedroom ceiling designs. Though easy to implement, it takes away the dull look of a plain ceiling. It also allows you to lay emphasis on the wall-ceiling segregation and play with complementary colors on both

The other common material used for bedroom ceilings design is wood.

contemporary bedroom ceiling decoration ideas
Wood ceiling inevitably lends your bedroom a rich look. Just take care that the wood color and texture you use for the bedroom ceiling matches the existing d├ęcor of your bedroom. Wood bedroom ceilings are usually installed in form of panels or tiles. You can either cover the entire ceiling with wood, or have a section of the ceiling decorated with wood panels.
master bedroom ceiling decoration designs
A simple, effective, cheap and easy way of decorating your bedroom ceiling is using wallpapers. Wallpapers offer you wide variety in terms of color, texture and design. It is very easy to merge the bedroom ceilings to the bedroom theme using wallpapers.
wooden bedroom ceiling decor ideas
An additional advantage you can draw from recessed ceiling is cove lighting. Coves are created along the recess and LEDs are installed in it. This makes the ceiling appear to glow. In cove lighting, the light source is hidden and the room gets diffused light from the ceiling recess lending a magical look to your bedroom. Due to this reason, cove lighting has become a widely used element of bedroom ceilings design.

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