Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Good Home Cleaning Tips for Those Who are Paranoid about Cleanliness

Home cleaning tips are inevitable for all homemakers and generally for everyone who owns even a single room to live in.
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It is said that keep your house in order first and then think about others. It is amazing how relevant it is with regards to keeping our homes clean and presentable, apart from the metaphorical undertone. Devoting a little time everyday or a couple or so hours in a week to cleaning is just about perfect to keep your house in order. You can also have a season specific cleaning, but that will be on a large scale.

This post present for all those who are paranoid about cleanliness, a few good home cleaning tips!

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The number one home cleaning tips is to vacuum the floors and the couch crevices, rather than sweeping them. This will avoid spreading of dust all over your house. Use a vacuum cleaner which has a HEPA filter, which is helpful in getting rid of even tiny particles of dust. It is especially good for carpet cleaning. In case of furniture, spray broom or dust mop using your favorite furniture polish.
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When cleaning the walls, you cannot use vacuum cleaner. You would need a mop or a moist sponge to clean such surfaces. If there isn't a lot of dust, you might lightly dust them; otherwise, you would need a moist sponge. Brushes are great for cleaning sinks and bathroom sanitary ware. After brushing, spray the cleaned areas with vinegar solution to get rid of the bacteria. This is one of the very convenient house cleaning tips.
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One of the best home cleaning tips is to have homemade cleaning solutions and mixtures. Vinegar, lemon juice, tea tree oil, ammonia, alcohol, baking soda and salt are fantastic cleansers and are non-toxic too, unlike the cleaning products available in stores! These are the ingredients of maximum number of cleansing agents that are a staple of natural home cleaning tips.

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