Monday, November 5, 2012

Installing Beadboard Wainscoting to Lend Classy yet Quondam Touch to Your Walls

Beadboard wainscoting is a type of wood paneling done for the interiors of your home.

raised panel pilaster wainscoting picture
This is done at the intersection of the wall and the floor. The narrow strips of wood are put together rising at least 3 feet above the floor and have wooden crown molding at the top. The wood molding is called a chair rail. The historical background of this term could be dated back to the 1600's. Wainscoting as a wooden paneling method, came into being in England. Beadboard wainscoting was primarily designed to conceal the damp areas that occurred on the walls.

Hot pink bedroom wainscoting beadboard gallery
Plywood is one material that is easy to install. A loophole in installing plywood sheets is that plywood sheets are thin-grained compared to wood, making your task of covering the seams or gaps in between the wall and the sheet difficult. Beadboard wainscoting may also be accomplished with PVCmaterial. The PVC beadboard installation adapts to spaces that endure a consistent exposure to water. The inclusion thus, makes the space water-resistant. Another material used for beadboard wainscoting is known as medium density fiberboard. An advantage, is the look of the material; one of that, resembling wood. However, it is not suitable for installation in moisture-dominant areas.
amazing wainscoting beadboard design ideas
Beadboard wainscoting kits are primarily of two types. The first wainscoting kit consists of a chair rail or wooden crown mold, vertical wainscoting grooves, a baseboard and a base-shoe. The installation of this kit takes a considerable amount of time and is also the most expensive installation kit. The second installation kit has the same elements except that the vertical grooves are made of fine plywood. Both the installation kits work well but if asked in terms of appearance, the opinion drifts towards the first installation kit.
white wainscoting beadboard with chair rail

So forge ahead, install beadboard wainscoting in your home, and give your style quotient a high. Make a statement by adding a dynamic dimension to your abode.

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