Thursday, November 8, 2012

Useful Ideas On Finding The Best Bedroom Paint Colors For Teenagers

Finding the best bedroom paint colors for teenagers might seem like a challenging task. So we are going to make this seemingly impossible feat possible.

Light Blue Paint Colors Teen Bedroom Design White Juice Box
When finding bedroom paint colors for teenagers, you need not follow the same guidelines as you do for painting a master bedroom. This is because while you might enjoy calm and soothing colors in your bedroom, a teenager is hardly going to prefer muted tones in his/her bedroom. Since they are young adults who have their own likes and dislikes, and often very strong opinions, you should ask what colors they would prefer in their bedroom.

Awesome Purple Paint Color Teenage Bedroom Design Ideas
Unlike an adult's bedroom that is usually painted in soft or cool paint colors, teenagers would prefer more warm, rich and brighter hues. Primary colors i.e. red, blue and yellow can be safely used for painting a teen's bedroom. The only thing to remember is that you have to choose the right shade of these colors and pair them well with neutral colors.
modern teen bedroom boy brown beige light blue striped wall paint colors
One of the best bedroom paint colors for teens is lime green and mint green. Lime green is a refreshing color that looks fresh and vibrant. It is a good choice for paint colors for bedrooms for teenagers particularly if the bedroom is small and does not receive adequate sunlight. This paint color makes the room appear large and spacious.
nice red paint color and wall sticker teenage girls bedroom
One of the best bedroom paint colors, particularly for girls is a deep berry color like aubergine and rose wine. These are not typical girly colors but they work very well in a young adult's room. Aubergine or rose wine when paired with lighter hues like slate gray and porcelain can give the room a rich and sophisticated look.

Other colors like deep rust and dark brown are also excellent choice for bedroom paint colors for teens. Choose bedroom colors for teenagers with care and take their personal preferences in consideration, before making your selection.

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