Monday, November 5, 2012

Installing Beadboard Bathrooms to Provide The Other World Charm

Are you looking for beadboard bathrooms ideas and planning to use beadboard wainscoting in your bathroom?

lucite acrylic bench beadboard bathroom ideas
If you want the walls of your bathroom to exude a rustic look, one way to do so would be to use beadboard in bathroom. If you are living in a cottage-style home, beadboard wall panels will surely provide the other world charm or rustic appeal that sets this style of architecture from other architectural styles.

Here's some information on beadboard bathrooms design ideas.

Awesome Classic Beadboard Bathroom Design Gallery
If you have ever been to a cottage style home, I am sure you would have seen bathroom wall paneling with decorative wooden molding. The molding can be seen on the top of the panels used for beadboard bathrooms walls or panels at the chair rail height. Another feature in such bathrooms is the wooden baseboard moldings.
bathroom beaddboard wainscoting images
If you want a rich look, make sure that you select a very wood with rich wood grain characteristics. Just a slight coating of varnish or very light wood staining will be enough to add visual appeal to good quality planks. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, you could buy the less expensive pre-finished beadboard bathrooms sheets.
white beadboard bathroom plantation shutters claw foot design
Dressing up the plain bathroom walls with beadboard will surely give your bathroom a nice makeover. You will be surprised at the difference a beadboard wainscoting can make to your bathroom. So, spruce up the walls with beadboard bathrooms panels soon!

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