Friday, November 9, 2012

Useful Ideas Painting Kitchen Tables to Give Your Kitchen Different Looks

You can give a different look to your kitchen with painting kitchen tables.

excellent white finish painting kitchen table and chairs picture
The dining tables where people meet and share their experiences are the focal point of the kitchen. So, the kitchen table should have a very inviting look that automatically increases your appetite. Are you thinking of painting your kitchen table and giving a new look to your kitchen? The idea of painting kitchen tables yourself will give you the freedom to choose the color and pattern of your choice.

Keep reading on to know more about some ideas on painting kitchen tables.

Shabby chic kitchen table finish painting
Before painting kitchen tables, decide the color and pattern that you want to see. You can opt for white color that will provide a wider appearance to your room and other bright colors will set an appropriate mood for the kitchen. Different colors have different connotations like light yellow make people happy, red increases the appetite and many more.
painting farmhouse kitchen table picture
To give a shabby look to the kitchen tables, use paints of different colors. Do not forget to use a wood conditioner before you begin painting. Sometimes, when we just want the table to look new, in such cases we can apply fresh coats to the table. Try to avoid glossy colors because they tend to peel off with time. Spray painting a kitchen table is yet another way of making the mood of the kitchen livelier.
rolling kitchen table painting gallery
After painting kitchen tables, apply double coats of polyurethane for finishing. This adds to the durability and protection of the table. Keep a time gap between the applications of the two coats. Let the first coat dry, and then start with the next one. Hope these ideas will change the look of not only the table, but the kitchen as well.

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