Sunday, November 11, 2012

Unique Kitchen Islands That Would Make Cooking A Fun And Easy Activity

Some unique kitchen islands have the potential to transform your kitchen from a lay one to a designer one.

Colorful Unique Kitchen Island Modern Beach House Design
There are various modern and unique kitchen islands that you can implement in your kitchen to heighten the cooking experience as well use that extra space smartly. If you have a small kitchen it is nearly not possible to have a kitchen island. So make sure that your kitchen is big enough to accommodate a functional kitchen island leaving you adequate space to move around.

Once you have sufficient space there are number of unique kitchen islands that can win five stars for your kitchen.

Cool and Unique Glass Top Kitchen Island Designs
Kitchen islands with racks and drawers increase the functionality of the island where you can get more space to store more kitchen appliances and utensils. It is also one of the smart ways to use the extra space. This is one of the most versatile unique kitchen islands where you can experiment with different drawer and storage designs that can suit the overall d├ęcor of your kitchen.
Unique Special Orange Kitchen Island design
A kitchen island with a hob and chimney is one of the latest designs. In this design a gas hob or cook top is placed on the kitchen island where you can cook and a ceiling hung chimney soaks the fumes, steam, and other pollution from the kitchen. Such islands would add to the dynamics of the kitchen and are certainly unique, where you would no longer be cooking in one corner of the room.
Unique design modern kitchen island ideas
Try to think out of the box while designing the island, especially when it comes to the shape. Apart from standard rectangular shape you can think of triangle, spiral, oval, round, and boat shape kitchen islands if the space and your budget permit. You also have the choice to select from different materials, such as, wood, granite, stainless steel, glass etc., while designing the island. With these tips and ideas on unique kitchen islands you are sure to have a great and dynamic kitchen for your house.

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